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Conflict diagnoses for occupational physicians

In the Netherlands about 400.00 conflicts take place annually at the workplace. In 210.000 cases this leads to a reported illness and an appointment with the Arbo physician. The course emphasizes on making a correct diagnoses and act accordingly to prevent escalation of the conflict.The course will be available after the summer of 2012.

Conflict Resolution for Teachers (CRETE)

The non-profit JAMS Foundation announced a $300,000 grant that is funding a two-year initiative that enables Conflict Resolution Education for student teachers and in-service teachers in four major U.S. cities. To operate the initiative, the JAMS Foundation is collaborating with three organizations: Temple University’s Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) program, nonprofit Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) and nonprofit Creative Response to Conflict (CRC).With the current classroom approach, the number of teachers trained is insufficient to make a real breaktrough. That’s why Jams Online Education accepted the challenge to take the course online. The course will be available end 2012 for the USA. Dutch Version in 2014.

Mediation Ethics

Based on the book “Mediation Ethics, cases and Commentaries” by professor Ellen Waldman, JOE is currently developing an online course for neutrals and mediators.The course will be available in october 2012 for the USA. Dutch Version in 2013.

Neuroscience and settlement

Based on the popular course by professor Richard Birke, JOE is developing an online course for all interested parties. The course will be available end of 2012 for the USA.

Conflict management for Lawyers

Planned for 2013

Mediation Advocacy

Planned for 2013

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