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JAMS is the largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider in the world. With its prestigious panel of neutrals, JAMS specializes in mediating and arbitrating complex, multi-party, business/commercial cases – those in which the choice of neutral is crucial. More than 280 full-time neutrals, including retired judges and attorneys with proven track records. 195 employee associates. JAMS panelists primarily resolve multi-party, complex cases in virtually all areas of the law. JAMS handles an average of more than 10,000 cases per year in hearing locations throughout the world.


Result ADR is with her business units; Mediation Centre, Hoefnagels Family Mediation and the Result ADR center for businesses, the most dominant player in the field of alternative dispute resolution in the Netherlands. Result ADR has been a JAMS partner since 2011 and an important contributor for the JAMS International network for cross border conflict management.


X11, by Ed Botterweg, passionately creates online learning solutions to improve the transfer of knowledge and skills, anytime anyplace.The three parties decided to start an e-learning company to make ADR better known in the world and to teach principal (Harvard) negotiation to prevent fights and wars.Chris Poole (CEO, JAMS ADR) , Felix Merks (CEO, Result) en Ed Botterweg (CEO, X11) privately financed this initiative and bundled their knowledge and skills of conflict resolution and on-line learning.

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